I’ve always been tempted to buy those cute little nail polishes for girls, but for little girls to be inhaling¬† toxic fumes from them.. not so cute. Regular nail polishes may have some or all of these nasty ingredients; toluene, dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde, nitrocellulose, butyl and ethyl acetates, acetone, FD&C, coal tar and lake colors. So a while ago I began looking for safe alternative and found HOPSCOTCH KIDS! It was until yesterday that I went out to get it, my daughter was so excited, she loved it and me too! I bought Bubble Gum color, which is a hot pink and I must say I’m pleasantly surprised with it, the color is very bright, no odors at all, easy to clean AND.. did I mention that my daughter is ridiculously excited and can’t stop looking at her nails?

Love this product!!

Here is the website, where you can check out all the line!


I haven’t tried the adult line, but I guess it’s equally great!


Yet another safe nail lacquer line!



Happy Holidays!!!!